#ucancoproduce: a record of the opening discussion. Learn more about opportunities for content producers from Ukraine and Canada

In September 2021, The 2nd Canada-Ukraine CoProduction Meetings and Conference (#ucancoproduce) was launched as part of the Toronto International Film Festival industry program and the KYIV MEDIA WEEK 2021 International Media Forum.
The project started with a discussion Treat it Right: Starting a Canada-Ukraine Co-Production Treaty Project, which was attended by experts from both sides: Susan King, Telefilm Canada (Canada), Maryna Kuderchuk, Ukrainian State Film Agency (Ukraine), Louise O'Brien-Moran, Manitoba Film & Music (Canada), Kateryna Vyshnevska, FILM.UA Group (Ukraine), Gavin Reardon, Incendo (Canada). Julia Buss, Senior Trade Commissioner at the Embassy of Canada to Ukraine, made an introductory speech before the discussion. The program of the Conference, united by the hashtag #ucancoproduce, was presented by Anna Volkova (Ukrainian Motion Picture Association) and Daria Lysak (Embassy of Canada to Ukraine).

«Every year, more than 60 projects filmed with Canada are formalized as co-productions. These are movies, TV series, animation, shows. The average total support budget is at least 500 million CAD annually. It is also a new opportunity in terms of promotion and distribution, cultural diversity, professional production staff, locations. The governments of the two countries have been working on the Treaty for a long time – it is time to take the opportunities. This fall we are launching a project that will provide all the necessary information to launch co-production. Note that the Treaty with Ukraine was one of the most anticipated among 58 similar agreements with other countries» – Julia Buss, Senior Trade Commissioner at Embassy of Canada to Ukraine.

Media Business Reports (MBR) issued a detailed overview of the co-production opportunities discussed in the context of the prospects for the media industry offered by the Canada-Ukraine Audiovisual Co-Production Treaty. The article is available in Ukrainian.
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took place at KMW 2021
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Initiators of The 2nd CoProduction ConferenceUkrainian Motion Picture Association and Embassy of Canada to Ukraine.

The project is implemented with the support of Ukrainian State Film Agency, Canadian Media Producers Association, Telefilm Canada, Department of Canadian Heritage.

Project organizer: Media Resources Management (MRM) consulting company.
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