Meet the list of #ucancoproduce pitching participants from Ukraine and Canada!

The International Expert Commission of the 2nd Canada-Ukraine CoProduction Meetings and Conference has selected projects for presentation at the online pitching, taking place on November 17 at 17:00 Kyiv time (10:00 EST).
Members of the #ucancoproduce 2021 commission:

Anna Newallo (Ontario Creates, Canada), Kim Roberts (Sepia Films, Canada), Natasha Semone Vassell (Diva Film Productions, Canada), Manuel Badel (Badel Media, platform, Canada), Lola Barreto (platform, Columbia, Canada), Kateryna Vyshnevska (FILM.UA Group, Ukraine), Olena Golubeva (UNIMA, Chervoniy Sobaka Studio, Ukraine), Iryna Chernyak (MGU, TV Channel 'Ukraine', Ukraine), Natalia Stribuk (TV Channel 'Ukraine', Ukraine), Serhiy Lavrenyuk (Solar Media Entertainment, Ukraine), Olena Kanishevska (TV Channel 'Ukraine', Ukraine), Maksym Asadchyi (Pronto Film, Ukraine), Lyudmyla Semchuk (TV Channel STB, Ukraine), Anastasia Shteinhauz (TV Channel ICTV, Ukraine), Alex Shiriaieff (Baltic to Black Sea Documentary Network, Ukraine, Sweden), Anastasia Verlinska (LINOLEUM Animation and Media Art Festival, Ukraine), Anna Volkova (Ukrainian Motion Picture Association, Ukraine), Alla Prelovska (Media Resources Management, Ukraine).

The organizers are grateful to the experts for their hard work, as they processed 292 applications and selected 25 projects from both countries! The evaluation criteria were: concept/idea of the project; the international potential of the project; potential to attract financing in expert's country from donors, state institutions, or private sector

The projects submitted by the producers involved in the commission were not evaluated by them.

Projects to be presented at the #ucancoproduce pitching (project name/ applicant/ country) :

  1. 99 Red Balloons, Petro Duszara, Canada
  2. Babulia, Laurent Allaire, Canada
  3. Barvinok, Sheiny Satanove, Canada
  4. Juliet's Answer, Warren Sulatycky, Canada
  5. Les amants maudits of Spirit Lake. (The Violin of the Spirit Lake), David Larose, Canada
  6. Local Heroes, Maria Kennedy, Canada
  7. Roots, Taya Rtichsheva, Canada
  8. Sikorsky, Rosanne Milliken, Canada
  9. Storms Are Whispering, Giacomo Nudi, Canada
  10. The Apartment in Lviv, Taras Lavren, Canada
  11. The Boy In the Woods, Robert Budreau, Canada
  12. Triche, Marc Boily, Canada
  13. And I No Longer Wonder How You Are, Lyuba Knorozok, Ukraine
  14. Hrafn Academy, Iryna Kostyuk, Kateryna Vyshnevska, Ukraine
  15. KILL THE BRIDE, Halyna Khrapko, Ukraine
  16. Molfar's Mission, Volodymyr Kozyr, Ukraine
  17. Roxelana, Iryna Kostyuk, Ukraine
  18. Shchedryk ("Story of Carol of the Bells"), Akim Galimov, Ukraine
  19. Shut the fuck up, Olga Beskhmelnytsina, Ukraine
  20. SUMMIT, Anna Smoliy, Ukraine
  21. The Dreamer, Annamaria Indrikson, Ukraine
  22. The Last Experiment by USSR, Olesya Lukyanenko, Ukraine
  23. UKE 2.0 (Uke Documentary sequel), Volodymyr Mula, Ukraine
  24. VACUUM, Aleksandra Kostina, Ukraine
  25. Yakiv, Maksym Asadchyi, Ukraine

Projects that have been selected for #ucancoproduce, but have not been qualified for the pitching, will be published in the online catalog on November 17. All members of the #ucancoproduce community will have access to the catalog and will be able to contact the authors directly if necessary.

All registered producers will receive an invitation to the pitching and a registration form for the online meetings by email. Register at the link to receive access for the events.

On November 22, producers will e-meet with potential partners and discuss opportunities for further collaboration.

We remind you that the day before the pitching, on November 16 at 17:00 Kyiv time (10:00 EST), a discussion panel "Canada & Ukraine: coproduction opportunities for audiovisual content producers" will take place. At the event, you will learn about the state support systems of Ukraine and Canada, and the mechanisms of the Canada-Ukraine Audiovisual Co-Production Treaty.

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Initiators of The 2nd CoProduction Conference – Ukrainian Motion Picture Association and the Embassy of Canada to Ukraine.

The project is implemented with the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency, Canadian Media Producers Association, Telefilm Canada, the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Organizer – Media Resources Management (MRM).
Media Resources Management
+380 44 459 46 10