What's financed
  • Feature films
  • Short films
  • Animation projects
  • TV projects
  • Films promo сampaigns
  • Film & animation festivals, including film markets(special programs)
  • Events aimed at advance trainings for specialists
  • National showcases on international markets
  • Educational projects in the field of cinema
  • Days of Ukrainian cinema abroad
Ukraine is supporting following National and European audiovisual works (under European Convention on Cinematographic Co-Production):
  • Animation, documentary, educational, auteur films and debuts
    Up to 100% (IP rights reserved by state owned company)
  • Feature films
    Up to 80%, if 20% is on place (IP rights reserved by applicant)
  • TV films and TV series
    Up to 50%, if 50% is on place (IP rights reserved by applicant)
State support is granted on the basis of competition (application procedures and pitches)
Selection criteria
  • Originality and quality of the script
  • Experience of applicants (producers, broadcasters and distributors)
  • Director's achievements
  • Potential of the project
Cash rebate
Rate – 30% (25% + 5%) of the qualified expenses in Ukraine.

What are the qualified expenses? By qualified, we mean the cost of the film production in Ukraine (including salaries and fees, works and services, etc.).

Qualified expenses do not include negotiation costs, amortization, interest on loans, travel expenses abroad, and other expenses which are not related to the net cost of the film.
Cash rebate
The payment is carried out by Ukrainian State Film Agency through a Ukrainian producer.

The producer may apply for Cash rebates within a year since the completion of film production.
Returns are made for the following products:
Apart from that, the film must pass the Cultural Test, which consists of the production and creative criteria.
A special customer-oriented department, which will be responsible for working with foreign producers, is created within Ukrainian State Film Agency.

Communication will be conducted via e-mail: rebates@dergkino.gov.ua phone +380 99 641 95 29
website, messengers and social networks.

During the first year, the management of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport of Ukraine and Ukrainian State Film Agency (on issues related to state and local self-governance) will support each project that will come to Ukraine in terms of organization.

Over the current year, a system of regional film commissions will be built, which will continue supporting projects in Ukraine alongside with Ukrainian State Film Agency.
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